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this section is for refinery, oil refining ,refining and distillation books, here you can find many books about trays and packed columns.


  Engineering Design Guidelines - Distillation Column

2 MB


  Pressure & Safety Design Practices for refineries

118 KB

 an Introduction to Petroleum Refining and the Production of Ultra Low Sulfur Gasoline and Diesel Fuel

647 KB

  Petroleum Refining Industry

578 KB

  Gas Technology & Petroleum Refining

6 MB

  Reducing Air Pollution from Oil Refineries   

150 KB

  Handbook of Petroleum Refining   

11.1 MB

  Refining Crude Oil   

169 KB

  Oil Refinery Wastewater Treatment


2 MB


  Simple Guide of Oil Refining


1.5 MB


  Refining Crude Oil


169 KB


  Petroleum Refining


202 KB


  Refinery Process Design Notes


1.7 MB


   Oil Refinery Processes


346 KB


   Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining


14 MB


  Handbook of Refinery Desulphurization


10 MB


   VOC Emissions in Oil Refinery


351 KB


 Environmental Standards for Petroleum Refineries


4.1 MB


  Single Guide to Oil Refining


1.5 MB


  Fouling in Refineries

7 MB


  Crude Oil Refining


169 KB


  Materials of Crude Oil Refining


580 KB


   Oil Refinery

7 MB


  Refinery Engineering

29 MB


   Fundamentals of Refining

14 MB


  Planning and Integration of Refinery and Petrochemical Operation

2 MB


  Advanced Distillation Technologies

6.8 MB


  Catalysts Refining and Petrochemical industry

29 MB


  Distillation Tray Hydraulics - Engineering Design Guidelines

152 KB


  Petroleum Refining Overview

2 MB


  Economics Fundamentals in Refinery Engineering

2 MB


  Simple Guide for Oil Refining

1 MB


  Introduction to Distillation

1 MB


  Distillation Process

383 KB


  Crude Distillation Units 

561 KB


  Distillation Process Control

2 MB


  Distillation Hardware 

1 MB


  Distillation Calculation 

598 KB


   Distillation Design

16 MB



  Petroleum Refining - Part.1 - Crude Oil

13.2 MB

Petroleum Refining Series

  Petroleum Refining - Part.2 - Separation Processes

20.8 MB

  Petroleum Refining - Part.3 - Conversion Processes

10.7 MB

  Petroleum Refining - Part.4 - Materials & Equipment  

23.7 MB

  Petroleum Refinery Distillation

7.7 MB


  Distillation Operation - Henry z. Kister (cf braun)

31.2 MB

  Oil Refining & Gas Technology Dr. Neran

2 MB

  Modern Petroleum Refining Processes

12 MB

 Theoretical Principles of Fractional Distillation

13.6 MB

  Handbook of Petroleum Refining Processes

8.3 MB

  Refinery Process Modeling

31.6 MB

  Petroleum Refining Materials & Equipment

26.2 MB

  Petroleum Refining Technology and Economics

19.6 MB

  Petroleum Refinery Engineering (4 Parts):
  W.L Nelson- 4th Edition


98 MB


98 MB


20.1 MB


227.5 MB

 Refinery pdf

3 MB

  Refinery PowerPoint

3 MB

  Vacuum Distillation 

2 MB

  Hydrocarbon Intermediates

206 KB

 Theory of Distillation 

12 MB

 Trays & Packed Towers

2 MB

    Atmospheric Distillation part.1

5 MB


    Atmospheric Distillation Part.2

2.4 MB


  Basic Refinery Processes

886 KB



7 MB


  Distillation Handbook

1 MB


  Distillation Column Control Design Using Steady State Models

195 KB


  Product Stripping 

125 KB


  Thermal Cracking (flash)


4 KB


 Crude Partial Distillation (flash)


49 KB


  How Distillation Tower Works? (flash)  

8 KB


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