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What is Petrel Software?

  Petrel is a Schlumberger owned E&P software platform that provides an integrated solution from exploration to production. It allows the user to interpret seismic data, perform well correlation, build reservoir models suitable for simulation, submit and visualize simulation results, calculate volumes, produce maps and design development strategies to maximize reservoir exploitation. It addresses the need for a single application able to support the "seismic-to-simulation" workflow, reducing the need for a multitude of highly specialized tools. By bringing the whole workflow into a single application risk and uncertainty can be assessed throughout the life of the reservoir.
Petrel software was developed in Norway by a company called Technoguide. Technoguide was formed in 1996 by former employees of Geomatic, some of whom were key programmers involved in the early development of Irap RMS. Petrel was developed specifically for PCs and the Windows OS, it was commercially available in 1998. Petrel was developed to have a familiar Microsoft like interface, with a pre-arranged workflow that enabled less experienced user to follow, Technoguide made 3D geologic modeling more accessible to all subsurface technical staff,

even those without specialist training. In 2002, Schlumberger acquired Technoguide and the Petrel software tools and they currently support and market Petrel. Newer versions of Petrel include additional functionality such as geological modeling, seismic interpretation, uncertainty analysis, well planning, and links to reservoir simulators.

Petrel Software Books

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Petrel Manual Arabic

45 MB


Petrel 2001 Manual

10.3 MB

Petrel 2010 - Part.1

18.1 MB

Petrel 2010 Manual - Part.2

12.7 MB

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Petrel 2007 Geologist Course

296 MB


Petrel 2008 Fracture modeling

67 MB


Petrel 2010 Full Manual

127.3 MB


Petrel Geology Modeling

1.4 MB


Petrel Well Construction

1.6 MB

Petrel Shale

1.6 MB

Petrel Exploration Geology

1.9 MB

Petrel Reservoir Engineering

2 MB

Petrel Reservoir Geomechanics

3.2 MB

Petrel Well Design

3.6 MB

Introduction to Petrel PowerPoint

6.2 MB

Release Notes of Petrel

13 MB

Reservoir modelling of fluvial systems
An example from the Gulf of Thailand

8 MB

Petrel 2014 What's New

8 MB

Petrel 2014 Software Manual

1 MB

Tips and Tricks Petrel 2014

1 MB


Petrel Course

44 MB

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