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          this section is for petroleum books such as petroleum production - petroleum industry - petroleum engineering - oil well - gas well and many other books related to oil and natural gas industry.


  Surface & Subsurface Production Equipment

1.3 MB


  Temperature Determination

3 MB


  Operation of Proving Systems

2 MB


  Proving Systems Displacement Provers

789 KB


  All Symbols related to Oil & Gas Field

454 KB


  Wellhead Valves

2.2 MB


  Wellhead X-Mass Tree

10.3 MB


  Production Operation - Allen Part.1


9 MB


  Production Operation - Allen Part.2


11 MB


  EPS Well Testing 

3.1 MB


 Nontechnical Guide to Petroleum, Geology, Exploration, Drilling and Production

25.4 MB




2.5 MB


  Petroleum Engineering Principles and Practice

18.5 MB


   Glossary of Oilfield Terms

320 KB


  Surface Well Testing from Halliburton

16.2 MB


  Crude Oil Desalting


560 KB


   Crude Oil Properties


177 KB


  Directional Survey Handbook from bp


2.8 MB


   Well Performance


2.7 MB


   Petroleum Lab Tests


2 MB


  Oil and Gas in Africa

6 MB



  Bitumens, Asphalts, and Tar Sands

20 MB


  a dictionary of Petroleum Industry

12 MB


  Analytical Methods in Petroleum Upstream Applications

25 MB


  Composition, Geochemistry and Conversion of Oil Shales

22 MB


  Halliburton Well Testing Manuals


97 MB


  Physical Principles of Oil Production


125 MB


  Oilfield Familiarization


3.1 MB


   Oil Shale Development

9 MB


  Oil Shale -Developments in Petroleum Science

5 MB


  Applied Geothermics for Petroleum Engineers

13 MB


  Oil Shale Formation & Extraction

1 MB


  Hydrocarbon Phase Behavior

15 MB


  Basin and Petroleum System Modeling from Schlumberger

4 MB


  Essential Oil Reference Book

7 MB


  Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas

5 MB


  Impacts of shale gas and shale oil on the environment

2 MB


  Field Operation Workshop Material

7.4 MB


   Petroleum Industry

5.7 MB


  Geochemistry and Chemistry of Oil Shales

9 MB


   Understanding Tight Oil

2.3 MB


  Oil Shale A Solution to the Liquid Fuel Dilemma

30 MB


  Petroleum Engineering

1 MB


  Best Practices in the Petroleum Industry

4 MB


  Introducing to Petroleum Exploration and Production

13 MB


  Uncertainty and Risk Analysis in Petroleum Exploration and production 

750 KB


   Oil and Gas Industry


1.6 MB


  Oil and Gas Operators Manual

7.8 MB


  Overview of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Process


170 KB


  Oil and Gas Production and Surface Facilities


3.7 MB


  Petroleum Engineering, Principles and Practice

19 MB


  Handbook of Petroleum Processing


27 MB


  Oil Contracts

13 MB


  Oil and Gas Process Overview

79 MB


   Safety Shut-Down Valve SSV


1.3 MB


  Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production

7.8 MB


  Petroleum Well Construction from Halliburton

20.7 MB


  Oil Shale True Cost

880 KB


  Marine Terminals and Marine Transportation

238 KB

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