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          this section is for petroleum books such as petroleum production - petroleum industry - petroleum engineering - oil well - gas well and many other books related to oil and natural gas industry.


  A handbook of petroleum, asphalt and natural gas

54 MB



  a Handbook of Petroleum Industry Vol.1  Petroleum Archive

58 MB


  a Handbook of Petroleum Industry Vol.2   Petroleum Archive

60 MB


  Fuel Oil in Industry

39 MB


  Oil and Gas in Western Canada   Petroleum Archive

5 MB

   the American Petroleum Industry Vol.1  Petroleum Archive

31 MB

  the American Petroleum Industry Vol. Petroleum Archive

33 MB

  Oil and Natural Gas Fact Book

4 MB

  The petroleum industry of southeastern Illinois  Petroleum Archiver

20 MB


  Petroleum its Development and Uses  Petroleum Archiver

7 MB


  the Early and Later History of Petroleum  Petroleum Archiver

44 MB


   The Caucasian Petroleum Industry and its Importance to Eastern Europe and Asia  Petroleum Archiver

4 MB


  Oil & Natural Gas Transportation and Storage Infrastructure

2.7 MB


    Factors Contributing to Petroleum Foaming Crude Oil Systems  

112 KB


 Oil Exploration


828 KB


 Hydrocarbons Physical Properties

7 MB


 How to Calculate Density?


3 MB


 Density & Relative Density


878 KB


 High H2S Oil Well


23 MB


 Horizontal Wells


2 MB


  Remediation of Asphaltene


7 MB


 Understanding Crude Oil and Product Markets


4 MB


  Brief Petroleum Introduction


3 MB


  The Relationship Between Oil Price and Costs in the Oil and Gas Industry


681 KB


 Separation Principles


1 MB


 Oil and Gas Production Handbook 

5 MB


  Introduction to Oil & Gas Pipelines & tankers


2 MB


 Asphaltene  from Baker Hughes

447 KB



 Paraffins  from Baker Hughes

  298 KB

  Emulsions  from Baker Hughes

  2.2 MB

 Introduction to Oil & Gas Production


9 MB


 Oil Tanker Design & Equipment


1.7 MB


  Well Testing Interpretation Methods

  20.2 MB

  Water Content of Petroleum Products

  239 KB

  Hydrocarbon Exploration & Production

  17.3 MB

   Production Engineering

18 MB


   Solid Desiccant Dehydrators


3 MB


 Producing Gas-Oil Ratio Performance of Conventional and Unconventional Reservoir


2 MB


  Crude Oil Composition


558 KB


  Chemical Analysis & Sampling


372 KB


  Tracers in the Oilfield


23 MB


 Properties of Petroleum Fractions


437 KB


  Handbook of Petroleum Processing


27.2 MB


  Petroleum Exploration and Drilling

5 MB


  Petroleum Engineering Handbook

156 MB


  Analytical Method of Petroleum Upstream

25 MB


   Oilfield Review

30 MB


  Kurdistan Oil Report " towards growth peak"


2.8 MB


   the Desulphurization of Heavy Oil


3.3 MB


  New Sources of Oil & Gas

2.4 MB


   Handbook of petroleum exploration and production


17.2 MB


   Introductory Session to Process Engineering in Oil and Gas


3.1 MB

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