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     this section is for petroleum books such as petroleum production - petroleum fields - petroleum engineers - sludge treatment - H2S - Oil spills and many other books related to oil and natural gas industry.


Handbook of Petroleum Processing   27.2 MB  

Production Technology Part.1 - Heriot Watt University

  5.4 MB  

Production Technology Part.2 - Heriot Watt University

  15.1 MB  


Crude Oil Emulsions Composition Stability and Characterization  

13 MB


Standards of Petroleum & Natural Gas Industry

1 MB


Impacts of Shale Gas & Shale Oil on Environment


2 MB


Environmental Control in Petroleum Engineering


13 MB


Production & Transport of Oil & Gas, Gathering and Transportation


5.4 MB


 Petroleum Engineer Handbook Part.1


35.6 MB

Petroleum Engineer Handbook

Drilling Books

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 Petroleum Engineer Handbook Part.2


28.3 MB

 Petroleum Engineer Handbook Part.3


21.1 MB

Petroleum Engineer Handbook Part.4


31.7 MB

Petroleum Engineer Handbook Part.5


46.2 MB

Reservoir Books

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Petroleum Engineer Handbook Part.


11 MB

Oil Recovery & Sludge Treatment

1.7 MB

Sludge Treatment
Oil Sludge Treatment

1.9 MB

Refinery & Terminal Storage Tank Cleaning & Sludge Management Services

683 KB


Measuring H2S in Crude Oil

  646 KB books about H2S in Petroleum

Hydrogen Sulfide in Petroleum

  183 KB
H2S Analyzer   647 KB

H2S & Health in Oil & Gas Industry

  738 KB
Experimental Analysis of the Hydrogen Sulfide Absorption  

748 KB

Determination of Hydrogen Sulfide Content  

257 KB

Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide from Light Oil  

233 KB

H2S Detection     

1.1 MB

Emulsions and Oil Treating Equipment Selection, Sizing and Troubleshooting  

9.1 MB


  Oilfield Processing, Vol.1 Natural Gas

97.7 MB


  Oilfield Processing, Vol.2 Crude Oil

  26.4 MB


Drilling Fluids Books

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  Oil Sands, Heavy Oil & Bitumen

11 MB  

  Detection , Analysis and Remote Sensing for Oil Spills

  731 KB

books about Oil Spills

  Effects of Oil Spill on the Environment 

  974 KB
  Oil Spills on Land    1 MB

Drilling Muds Books

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  Oil Spills, Why do They happen? How Often?   

1.5 MB

  Response to Oil Spills 

675 KB

  Spill Treating Agents   

753 KB

  the Basics of Oil Spills Cleanup   

304 KB

  Oil Spills   

14 MB

    Oil Spill treatment B1 open it using B1 Archiver  

853 MB

   Oil Spills    

4 MB



Oilfield Chemicals Books

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  Wellhead Chokes 


566 KB


 Types of Oil & Their Properties


464 KB


  China Oil, IEA Report 2012


2 MB

books about China Oil

  Upstream Oil & Gas in China

266 KB

  Oil & Gas Production Handbook 


6 MB


Offshore Books

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  Crude Oil Processing


280 KB


  Well testing and Interpretation for Horizontal Wells


208 KB


  Oil & Gas Exploration and Production from BP

6 MB


Petroleum Exploration and Production Rights Allocation Strategies and Design Issues

3 MB


   How to Estimate Reid Vapor Pressure of Blends

68 KB



   A to Z of the Petroleum Industry 

3.3 MB


   Oil Shale


7.4 MB


   Oil Shale Development in United States


1.5 MB


  El-Nakheil Oil Shale in Egypt


1.6 MB


  the Petroleum Handbook

18 MB


  Origin of Petroleum

3 MB


  Technical Questions "Interview Questions" Arabic + English


7 MB


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