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  this section is for petroleum books such as petroleum production - petroleum fields - petroleum engineering - oil well - gas well and many other books related to oil and natural gas industry.

  Surface Production Operations Part.1


11 MB


  Surface Production Operations Part.2 30.8 MB
  Surface Production Operations Part.3 91.6 MB
  Standard Handbook of Petroleum & Natural Gas  

40.7 MB


Standard Handbook of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

41.2 MB

  Petroleum & Gas Field Processing


6.2 MB

  Oil and Gas Production Handbook  

6 MB


  The Global Oil and Gas Strategy

38 MB


Crude Oil Production System


2 MB


The Chemistry and Technology of Petroleum


14.3 MB


  Electromagnetic heating for Heavy Oil

983 KB

Heavy Oil Books

 Practical Heavy Oil Recovery

21.2 MB

  Heavy Oil   

4 MB


  Heavy Oil Simulation Challenge


3 MB

  Heavy Oil Recovery  

43 MB

  Handbook of Petroleum Product Analysis  

5.8 MB


  Production Engineering Handbook Vol.1General Engineering

  27 MB

Production Engineering Handbook

  Production Engineering Handbook Vol.2 - Drilling Engineering

  47 MB

  Production Engineering Handbook Vol.3 - Facilities and Construction Engineering

  48.6 MB

  Production Engineering Handbook Vol.4 - Production Operations Engineering

  44.4 MB

  Production Engineering Handbook Vol.5 - Reservoir Engineering and Petrophysics

  108 MB

  Production Engineering Handbook Vol.6 - Emerging and Peripheral Technologies

  39.7 MB

  Production Engineering Handbook Vol.7 - Indexes and Standards

  3.7 MB
  Petroleum Glossary 

2.4 MB

Oil & Gas Industry Terminology & Terms
Oil & Gas Industry Dictionaries


Dictionary for Oil Industry Terminology

2 MB

  Glossary of Oil & Gas Terms

3 MB

  All Illustrated Glossary of Selected Oil & Gas Terminology


259 KB


Glossary of terms Used in Oil Industry ConocoPhilips

958 KB

  Petroleum English Dictionary

12 MB


Dictionary of Oil and Gas Production

4 MB

  Crude Oil Dehydration & Desalting 818 KB  
  Crude Oil Stripping & Stabilization 173 KB  
  Gas - Oil Ratio Calculation


5 MB


  Planning in Oil & Gas fields

39.7 MB  
  Production Optimization Using Nodal Analysis    16 MB  
  Gas Well Testing handbook 27.1 MB  
  Oil Well Testing Handbook 19.7 MB  
  Principles of Oil Well Production

197 MB


    2-Phase Separator Design Guide

3.1 MB


Introduction to Well Testing   

4.7 MB

  Crude Oil Properties   530 KB  
  Definitions Used in Oil Industry 177 KB  

Introduction to Oil Gas Production


6 MB


  Sand Control 4.4 MB Sand Control Books
  Introduction to Sand Control 1.7 MB
  Sand Control

11 MB


Sand Control PowerPoint

2.5 MB
  Sand Control 30.4 MB


Fossil Hydrocarbon Chemistry and Technology

16 MB


Decline Curve Analysis  PowerPoint

536 KB

Decline Curve Analysis

Decline Curve Analysis Pdf

155 KB

Decline Curve Analysis for Solution-Gas Drive Reservoirs Pdf

510 KB

Calculation of Petroleum measured by Turbine or Displacement Meters

2 MB

Manual of Petroleum Measurement
MOPM Series

Physical Properties Data, Temperature & Pressure


10 MB

Accessory Equipment for Liquid Meters

441 KB

Measurement of Liquid Hydrocarbons by Turbine Meters


572 KB

General Considerations for Measurement by Meters


485 KB

US Crude Oil & Natural Gas Proved Reserves 2012

2 MB

Books about USA crude Oil & natural gas

 US Crude Oil & Natural Gas Federal & non- Federal areas


283 KB

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