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Oil Well Logging Books

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  this page contains the biggest collection of free books about oil well logging. and many other books related to petroleum and natural gas industry , you can download each book by clicking on the icon(s) beside it.


  Geological and Mud Logging in Drilling

7 MB

  Fundamentals of Well-Log Interpretation Part.1 - The Acquisition of Logging Data

12 MB

  Fundamentals of Well-Log Interpretation Part.2 - The Interpretation of Logging Data

67 MB

  Basic Well Logging - Field Application Abbas Radhi


14 MB

  Symbols & charts Used in Log Interpretation from Schlumberger

3 MB

  Well Log - the Bore Hole Image

2 MB

  Cased Hole and Production Log Evaluation

10.2 MB

  Basic Well Logging Chapter.1 

6 MB

  Basic Well Logging Chapter.2

4 MB

  Basic Well Logging Chapter.3

3 MB

  Basic Well Logging Chapter.4 

2 MB


  Gamma ray


1 MB

  The Use of Gamma Logs in Determining the Character of Unconsolidated Sediments


663 KB

  Well Logging Interpretation


4 MB

  Well Logging Technology

1 MB

   Introduction to Well Logging  

7 MB

   Well Logs   

2 MB

  Logging Manual   

3 MB

  Well Logging Geophysical & Chemostratigraphic Correlation   

4.2 MB

  Well Logging and Formation Evaluation  

2 MB

   Well Logging and Formation Evaluation


370 MB

  Surface Data Logging Manual from Halliburton  

4.7 MB

  Well Logging  

2 MB

   Well Logs  

3.9 MB

  Fundamentals of Well-Log Interpretation

12,2 MB

  Openhole Logging  

44.7 MB

  Well Logging for Earth Scientists   

21.6 MB

  Well Logging - Electric Acoustic  

24.1 MB

   Basic Well Log Analysis   

4.8 MB

   Well Logging Resistivity Log 

3.7 MB

Books about LWD
Logging While Drilling

   LWD Overview    

3 MB

   LWD Caliper and Hole Shape for Drillers     

3 MB

  Logging While Drilling LWD      

7 MB

  LWD PowerPoint       

2 MB

 Logging While Drilling Course Dr. Adel Kamil Mohammed 

35 MB


Oil Well Drilling Videos
more than 140 Movies

  Well Logging Summary

1 MB

  an introduction to Wireline Logging

7 MB

  Basic Log Interpretation


11 MB

  Atlas of Log Responses from Baker Hughes   

291 KB

  Openhole Well Logging

45 MB

  Surface Logging Systems Training guide

3 MB

Schlumberger Drilling Course
10 CDs
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  Basic Well Log Analysis for Geologists

5 MB

  Basic Log Analysis from Halliburton

780 KB

  Basic Well Logging and Formation Evaluation

15.4 MB

  Basics of Oil & Gas Log Analysis

2.4 MB

  Wireline Services Tools

1 MB

  Logging while Drilling Essentials from Weatherford 

8.2 MB

  Handbook of Log Evaluation Techniques for Carbonate Reservoirs 

61 MB

Reservoir Engineering Movies

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  Surface Data Logging Manual from Halliburton  

5 MB

  Wireline Services Log Interpretation Chart Book from Weatherford

2.5 MB

  Induction Logging Manual from Schlumberger 

1.4 MB

  Geophysical Well Logging 

2.6 MB

  The Geological Interpretation of Well Logs

11 MB

  Cased hole log interpretation, Principles and Applications from Schlumberger

35 MB

  Log Interpretation Principles & Applications from Schlumberger

15 MB

Reservoir Simulation Movies

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  Well Log Interpretation Basic Relationships 

3.6 MB

  Log Interpretation Charts from Schlumberger 

8 MB

  borehole televiewer log

173 KB


116 KB

  Well Logging and Reservoir Evaluation 

15 MB

  Introduction to Wireline log interpretation 

7.5 MB

  Well Logging Handbook 

16.5 MB

Characterizing Reservoir by Openhole Wireline Logging 

1.7 MB

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