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Produced Water Treatment Books


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  This section is for FREE books about produced water treatment in oil and natural gas industry, the multiple technologies used, produced water management




  Sour Water Strippers

331 KB

  Water Treatment part.1

70 KB

  Water Treatment part.2

387 KB

  Determining Water Content in Crude Oil

2 MB

  Produced Water Treatment  

120 KB

  State of Art in Produced Water Treatment  

308 KB


  Overview of Emerging Produced Water Treatment Technologies


773 KB


  Technical Summary of Oil & Gas Produced Water Treatment Technology


884 KB


  Oil & Gas Produced Water Treatment Technologies


1 MB


  Advanced Produced Water and Reuse of Oilfields

3 MB


   a guide to practical management of produced water from onshore oil and gas operations in the United States


6 MB


  Water Management 

1.1 MB

Produced Water Course

Produced Water Treatment Course







  Produced Water Management Part.1

797 KB

  Produced Water Management Part.2

1 MB

  Part.1 Produced Water Management

193 KB

  Part.Economic Impact of Produced Water

275 KB

  Part.3  Produced Water Quality & Characterization

726 KB

  Part.4  Scale Problems in Oilfields & their Prevention

819 KB

  Part.5  Microbiological Problems connected to Produced Water

355 KB

  Part.6  Corrosion Connected to Produced Water 

1.1 MB

  Part.7  Produced Water Environmental Issues in the Marine Environment

152 KB

  Part.8  Ecological Evaluation of Chemicals Added in Produced Water

87 KB

  Part.9  Techniques to Minimize Water Production 

142 KB

  Part.10 Downhole Oil/Water Separation

452 KB

  Part.11  State of Art in Water Treatment

527 KB

 Effect of Hydrodynamic Characteristics on Floatation Treatment Process of Oily Wastewater Shahad Salim

4 MB

  Produced Water Treatment Field Manual   

4 MB

  Oilfield Water Technology  

25 MB


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