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Petroleum Reservoir Books 2

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Applied Reservoir Engineering, Smith, Part.1

55 MB


Applied Reservoir Engineering, Smith, Part.2


45 MB

Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering - Craft

21.7 MB

  Basic Applied Reservoir Simulation

46.6 MB

the Practice of Reservoir Engineering

40 MB

   Essentials of Reservoir Engineering, Donnez

18 MB


Reservoir Material Balance

358 KB


Reservoir Engineering - Tarek Ahmed

15.4 MB


A Reservoir Simulator for Studying Productivity

848 KB


  Fundamentals of Fractured Reservoir Engineering

10 MB


  How to Characterize Fractured Reservoirs

50.7 MB




  Handbook of Porous Media

14.5 MB

The Reservoir Engineering Aspects Of Fractured Formations

25 MB

Principles of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

18 MB

production operation vol 1 (well completions, workover, and stimulation)

9 MB

production operation vol 2 (well completions, workover, and stimulation)

11 MB

  Sandstone Reservoirs

1 MB

Determination of Absolute and Relative Permeability

3 MB

Basics of Reservoir Simulation

1 MB

  Porosity, Permeability & Skin Factor

1 MB

  Determination of Oil and Gas Reserves

16 MB

  Reservoir Fluids

2 MB


Hydraulic Fracturing Stimulation Techniques and Formation Damage

2 MB


Properties of Petroleum Reservoir Fluids

6.4 MB

  Low Permeability Gas Reservoirs

3 MB

  Water Flooding

26.7 MB

  Origin and Prediction of Abnormal Formation Pressure  

18.5 MB

  Formation Pressure

5 MB

  Hydraulic Fracturing Explained - Evaluation, Implementation, and Challenges

9 MB

  Advanced Petroleum Reservoir Simulation

8 MB

  Hydrocarbon Traps

1.5 MB

  Reservoir Formation Damage

36 MB

  Advances in Reservoir Geology

44 MB

  Reservoir Characterization - Mohammed AlHossainy

7.6 MB


Sandstone Petroleum Reservoirs

41 MB

  Sandstone Reservoirs

48 MB

  Abnormal Formation Pressure

6 MB

  Reservoir Model Design, A Practitioner's Guide

21 MB

  Core Well Logging

715 KB

  Understanding Petroleum Reservoirs

42.7 MB


Unconventional Gas Reservoirs Evaluation, Appraisal and Development

39 MB

  Location of Fluids in Oil and Gas Reservoirs

4 MB


Exploring for Stratigraphic Traps

4 MB

  Characterization of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

23 MB

  Formation Evaluation using Routine Core Analysis

8.7 MB


4 MB

  World Atlas of Oil and Gas Basins

109 MB

  Volcanic Reservoirs in Petroleum Exploration

21.6 MB

  Hydraulic Fracturing Explained - Evaluation, Implementation, and Challenges

9 MB

  The Petroleum System From Source to Trap

52.2 MB

  Fractured Reservoirs

49 MB

  Origin and Predection of Abnormal Formation Pressures

18 MB


Advanced Formation Evaluation


11.3 MB

  Marine Petroleum Source Rocks

40.4 MB


Introduction to Wettability of Oil Reservoir

1 MB

  Permeability Estimation

17 MB


Formation Pressure

4.5 MB


Complex Lithology Evaluation


15 MB

  Understanding Tight Oil

2 MB

  Stratigraphic Reservoir Characterization for Petroleum Geologists, Geophysicists, and Engineers

19 MB

  1st Edition    


119 MB

2nd Edition    


a boundary integral method applied to water coning in oil reservoirs


836 KB


Density and Porosity of Oil Reservoirs and Overlaying Formations


2 MB

  Reservoir Quality Prediction in Sandstones and Carbonates

14.3 MB

  Petroleum Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties

11.4 MB

  Quantitative Methods in Reservoir Engineering

2.4 MB

  Experimental Design in Petroleum Reservoir Studies

3.3 MB

  Production Enhancement with Acid Stimulation       

9 MB

  Basin to Basin - Plate Tectonics in Exploration from Schlumberger

2.8 MB


Role of Clay in Oil Reservoirs

972 KB

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