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Petroleum Reservoir Books

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Crude Oil Refinery and distillation Movies
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Formation Evaluations, Logging from Halliburton  

7 MB


Density and Porosity of Oil Reservoir and Overlaying Formations  

2 MB

General Reservoir Characteristics  

243 KB

Heavy Components Control Reservoir Fluid Behaviour  

374 KB

3-dimensional Geologic Modeling and Horizontal Drilling
 Bring More Oil out of the Wilmington Oil


6 MB

 Petroleum Related Rock Mechanics  

13.5 MB

Investigation of Recovery Mechanisms in Fractured Reservoirs  

24 MB

Technolgy Devlopment for Conventional Petroleum Reservoirs  

507 KB



Reservoir Fluid Sampling and Analysis for Unconventional Reservoirs  

4 MB

Reservoir Rock & Source Rock Types Classification, Properties & Symbols  

711 KB

Evaluation of the EOR Potential in Shale Oil Reservoirs by Cyclic Gas Injection  

3 MB

Data Quality Enhancement in Oil Reservoir Operations An application of IPMAP

2 MB

 Heavy Oil Reservoirs  

2 MB

   Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering  

7 MB


 PVT Analysis for Petroleum Reservoirs


8 MB


Reservoir Geomechanics Mark D.Zoback


17 MB


Reservoir Engineering ZIP


65 MB

Reservoir Stimulation  

38 MB


    Introduction to Reservoirs PowerPoint


3.3 MB


Reservoir Engineering Handbook


14 MB


Migration of Petroleum


3 MB

كتب عن هجرة النفط
Petroleum Migration

Migration of Petroleum Power Point


3.7 MB

 Numerical Simulation of Primary Petroleum Migration


2 MB

  Oil & Gas Migration


289 KB

Reservoir Formation Damage   

15 MB

Petroleum Reservoir Simulation

14.8 MB

كتب عن محاكاة المكامن
Reservoir Simulation Books

Applied Reservoir Simulation Lectures  

7.3 MB

Applied Reservoir Simulation - Smith

64 MB

Reservoir Simulation - Heriot Watt University  

17.7 MB

Advanced Reservoir Simulation  

15.5 MB

  Applied Reservoir Simulation

7 MB


Basic Applied Reservoir Simulation - Ertekin Turcay


45.6 MB


Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation


4 MB

  Basics of Reservoir Simulation with Eclipse Simulator

1,306 KB


 Reservoir Simulation - Yaghi

27 MB


Simulation & Modeling

1,310 KB


Fundamentals of Fractured Reservoir Engineering

9,685 KB

  Predicting the Behavior of Water & Gas Coning in Horizontal Wells  

115 KB

مجموعة كتب عن الأنخراط الغازي والأنخراط المائي
books about Gas & Water Coning
  Experimental Modeling of Water & Gas Coning in Horizontal Oil Producing Well  

286 KB

  Optimization of Oil Production Under Gas Coning Conditions   

1 MB

  Water Coning in Fractured Reservoirs    

2 MB

  Carbonate Reservoirs Part.1


9.5 MB

Books about
Carbonate Reservoirs

  Carbonate Reservoirs Part.2


9.5 MB

  Carbonate Reservoirs Part.3


9.5 MB

  Geology of Carbonate Reservoirs


5 MB

  Carbonate Reservoir Characterzation


14 MB

  Carbonate Reservoir Characterzation


59 MB


Shale Gas Hydraulic Fracturing

17 MB

  Acidizing Fundamentals

3 MB

Acidizing Books
  Acidizing Concepts & Design

720 KB

  Acidizing and Other Matrix Treatments

787 KB


Working Guide to Reservoir Engineering

4 MB

  Experimental Reservoir Engineering Laboratory Workbook 

1.8 MB


  Relative Permeability of Petroleum Reservoirs

5 MB



Porosity & Permeability relations in Rocks

9 MB

  Petroleum Source Rocks

48 MB

  Petroleum Reservoir Engineering, Physical Properties

31 MB

  Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering

11 MB

  Wave Propagation in Drilling, Well Logging and Reservoir Applications

5 MB

  Formation of Hydrocarbon Deposits in the Northern African Basins

20.7 MB


Petroleum Provinces in Egypt

6 MB


The Future of Geological Modelling in Hydrocarbon Development

9.1 MB


How to get the most of your Oil Rim Reservoirs


3.8 MB

  PVT Analysis for Oil Reservoirs


7.7 MB

  Maximizing output from oil reservoirs water breakthrough


609 KB

  Unconformity Traps

1.6 MB

  Reservoir Characterization

19 MB

  Petroleum Formation and Occurence

27 MB

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