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Petrochemicals Industry Books



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 Petrochemical Chemical Industry

   5 MB   

 the Global Petrochemical Industry

   5 MB    

 Petrochemical Industry

 5 MB     

 Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants

     33 MB   


 273 KB    

Chemistry of Petrochemical Processes

 5 MB     

Cracking Process for Ethylene & Propylene Production

      360 KB     

Fundamentals of Polymer Engineering

    4 MB      

Hydrocarbon Intermediates

206 KB    

  Hydrogen from Fossil Fuels

 788 KB     

Maleic Anhydride

178 KB    


  907 KB    

Petrochemicals PowerPoint

 82 KB    

Petrochemicals PowerPoint

 323 KB    

Poly Ethylene 

    30 KB   

Polymer Colloids

 14 MB   

Polymers & Fiber Science Recent Advances

 16 MB   

Polymer Handbook

   6 MB   

Principles of Coordination Polymerization  

   4 MB   

Process for Maximum Ethylene Production

  108 KB  

Process for Propylene Production

  216 KB  

Rate Equations of Polymerization Reactions

4 MB   

Safety in Petrochemical Industry 

 7 MB  

 How to Utilize Petrochemicals Processes  Movie

   4 MB   

Petrochemical Processing

   1 MB   

Petrochemical processes technical and economic characteristics

 1,122 KB

Catalysts Refining and Petrochemical industry   

  29 MB  

Design of the Petrochemical Facilities


  8 MB  

Polyoxymethylene Handbook


5.8 MB   

Hydrocarbon gas Liquids and petrochemicals 


  1.1 MB   

  Asian Petrochemicals Methodology


    309 KB   



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