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Oilfield Chemicals

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    this page contains books about oilfield chemicals, the chemical materials that used in oil and natural gas industry for different purposes such as drilling muds, biocides, corrosion inhibitors , anti-foams, emulsion breakers, demulsifiers, drilling polymers and many others.

Drilling Fluids Books
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The application of biocides in the oil and gas industry  

books about Biocides used
in oilfield

evaluation of Biocide
 understanding biocides
Analytical Methods for Biocide Evaluation
  Preparation and evaluation of biocide-loaded particles  

 Biocides for Asset Integrity - Nalco Company

Oxygen Scavengers Iron Reduction Method  

books about Oxygen Scavengers
used in oilfield

Evaluation of Oxygen Scavenger

 Oxygen Scavengers Q & A  
Evaluation of corrosion inhibitors  

books about
Corrosion Inhibitors
used in oilfield

 Corrosion Inhibitors  
 Corrosion Inhibitors  

Corrosion Inhibitor


  Evaluation of corrosion inhibitors effectiveness in oilfield production operations

  Selecting Corrosion Inhibitor  
 Corrosion Inhibitor  
 an Improved Method for Determination of Corrosion Inhibitors  
Characterization of Inhibitor & Corrosion Product Film  
Sustainable Alternatives in Oil and Gas Water Treatment  


  Oilfield Chemicals Market  


  Oilfield and Drilling Chemicals Marketing  
  Chemicals Used in Oilfield Operations  
  Oil-Field-Summary GEO Specialty Chemicals  
  Chemical treatment of emulsion problem in crude oil  
  Development of Defoamers for Confinement Foam  
  Effect of the Structure of Commercial Emulsion Breakers  
  Emulsion Breaker  
  High Temperature Application of Drilling Specialties Polymers  


  Specialty Chemicals of Oilfield  
  the Market of Oilfield Chemicals


  Specialty Chemicals of Oilfield


  Oilfield Chemicals    
  Oilfield Paraffin    
  Petroleum Engineers Guide to Oil Field Chemicals and Fluids    

Production Chemicals for Oil and Gas Industry

  Petroleum Engineer's Guide to Oil Field Chemicals and Fluids  
  Chemicals Used in Oil and Natural Gas Industry     

Chemicals Used in Crude Oil Production

  Chemicals Used in Wells     
  Oilfield Chemicals  

Toxic Chemicals Used in Exploration of Oil


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