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 Subsea Pipeline Engineering

31 MB

Offshore Deepwater
 and Subsea Drilling

 DeepWater Offshore Oil Exploration Regulation

248 KB

 Deepwater wells

3 MB


Subsea Drilling Well Operations and Completions

4 MB

 the Risk and Regulation in Deepwater Offshore Drilling

2 MB

Trajectory Analysis of Deep Sea Oil Spill

3 MB

Deepwater Petroleum Exploration and Production

52 MB

 Offshore Drilling

447 MB

Offshore Drilling

 Drilling and Producing Offshore

38 MB

Understanding the Cost and Benefits of Deepwater Oil Drilling Regulations

575 KB

 Offshore Drilling Safety from Chevron

4 MB

 Offshore Drilling Equipment

179 KB

Offshore Drilling and Production Equipment

2 MB


 Environmental Risks with Proposed Offshore Oil and Gas Development off Alaskas North Slope

566 KB

  Offshore Drilling PowerPoint   

3.1 MB


  Subsea Pipeline Engineering

15 MB


China Offshore Oil Books

   Offshore China Market Financial Personnel

101 KB


  Chinese Offshore Oil Production, Hopes & Reality

1.2 MB


  the Technology of Offshore Drilling, Completion & Production

47.2 MB



  Handbook of Offshore Engineering Part.1

35.7 MB


  Handbook of Offshore Engineering Part.2

33.4 MB




  Introduction to Offshore Platform

5 MB


  Offshore Vessel Glossary

633 KB


  General Specification Offshore Platform Steel Structures

74 KB


  General Specification Offshore Structures Construction

227 KB


  Oil & Gas Offshore Production

5.4 MB


   Oil & Gas Pipelines Repair in Offshore Platforms

1.5 MB


  Installation of Petroleum offshore Platforms

227 KB


  Offshore Chemicals

636 KB




  the Five Offshore Drilling Rig Markets 

503 KB


   Understanding the Cost and benefits of deepwater oil drilling regulations 

575 KB




   Oil and Gas Offshore Exploration

428 KB




   Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas Development and Production

8 MB




   Control for Offshore Oil

2 MB




   Offshore Drilling Equipment

179 KB




   Offshore Pipeline

7 MB



  Overview of U.S. Legislation and Regulations Affecting Offshore Natural Gas and Oil Activity

180 KB




   Safety Indicators for Offshore Drilling

277 KB


   Offshore Pipelines Design, Installation, and Maintenance

7 MB


  Jack Up Rig Operational Aspects Offshore

304 KB


  Guideline for the Safe Management of Offshore Rig Operation

5 MB


  Offshore Aims Objectives

71 KB


  Offshore Delivering Strategy

99 KB


  Offshore Strategic Context

129 KB


  Fire Protection Systems in Offshore Producing and Drilling Facilities

258 KB


  Environmental Effects of Offshore Oil Production

17.7 MB




  Technology for Developing Marginal Offshore oilfields

3.2 MB


 the Offshore Drilling Industry and Rig Construction in the Gulf of Mexico

7 MB


  Marine and Offshore Pumping and Piping Systems

10 MB


   Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas Exploration, development and Production

6 MB



  Australian Offshore Petroleum Safety Regulations

3 MB




  Deep Water - the disaster of Golf of Mexico and the future of Offshore Drilling

17 MB


  Offshore Well Drilling

852 KB


  a Brief History of Offshore Well Drilling

585 KB


   Introduction to Offshore Structures

6 MB


  Offshore Oil Well Drilling

20 MB


  Offshore Platform Design

2.5 MB


  Offshore pile design International practice

4 MB


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