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  this page contains the biggest collection of free books about geophysics , geochemistry and geoscience. and many other books related to petroleum and natural gas industry , you can download each book by clicking on the icon(s) beside it.


  Geology & Geophysics in Oil Exploration

11 MB


 an Introduction to Geophysical Exploration

8 MB

  Geophysical Methods

2 MB

  Introduction to Geophysical Methods 

2 MB


 Basic Petroleum Geochemistry for Source Rock Evaluation

1.3 MB


  Advances in Petroleum Geochemistry

5.5 MB


  Basic Principles of Geophysics

5.8 MB


  Solved Problems In Geophysics 

2 MB


  Applied Geophysics

22 MB


  Applied Geophysics for Geologists and Engineers

4.6 MB


  Applied Geophysics in Hydrogeological and Engineering Practice

11.8 MB


  Computational Geosciences with Mathematic

14 MB

   3D Geoscience Modeling, Computer Techniques for Geological Characterization

18 MB


  Electrical Method 

Geophysics Exploration

2 MB


  Gravity Method

538 KB

  Magnetic Method

2 MB

  Seismic Method

3 MB


  A Field Guide to Geophysics in Archaeology

5 MB


 a Field Geophysics

4 MB


  Deconvolution of Geophysical Time Series in the Exploration for Oil and Natural Gas

12 MB

 Developments in Geophysical Exploration Methods

7 MB

  Environmental Geophysics, a practical guide

6 MB


 an Introduction to Applied and Environmental Geophysics

39 MB

Applied Geophysics in Periglacial Environments

13.4 MB


 Developments in Geophysical Exploration Methods

7.25 MB


 Reservoir Geophysics

15 MB


 Potential Theory in Applied Geophysics

9 MB


 Geophysical Methods in Hydrocarbon Exploration

1.65 MB


  Petroleum Geoscience, From Sedimentary to Environment to Rock Physics

32 MB


 Geophysics in Mining and Environmental Protection

3.7 MB

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