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  this page contains the biggest collection of free books about geology and many other books related to petroleum and natural gas industry , you can download each book by clicking on the icon(s) beside it.

   General Dictionary of Geology 

2.5 MB



   Basic Petroleum Geology  

18.6 MB

    3D - Structural Geology

13.8 MB

    Wellsite Geology Guide

1.3 MB

    Geology of Bahrain

598 KB

    Geology Animation

85 MB


  Southern Mediterranean Hydrocarbons

4 MB


  Geological Fluid Dynamics Subsurface

4 MB


  General Dictionary of Geology

3 MB


  Geology of Petroleum

46 MB


  Geological Notes on Oil Structures

10 MB


  Geology and technology of the California oil fields

13 MB


  Isopach Maps

2 MB



 Oil-finding an introduction to the geological study of petroleum

12 MB


12 MB


  Introduction to Geology

285 KB


  Natural Effect of Geology

262 KB

  Petroleum Geology of Libya

58 MB


  Petroleum Geology

2.9 MB


   Engineering Geology

23.8 MB


  Geological Procedures

2.7 MB


   Petroleum Geology and Reservoirs

1.6 MB


  Advances in Interpretation of Geological Processes

9 MB


  Fundamentals of Petroleum Geology

743 KB


  Basic Geology for Oil Exploration

5 MB


  Basics of Petroleum Geology

6 MB


  Concepts of Petroleum Geology

5 MB


  Geochemistry in Petroleum Exploration

21 MB


Geophysics Books
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  Basic Environmental and Engineering Geology

9.5 MB

  Challinor's Dictionary of Geology

15 MB

  Development Geology Reference Manual

26 MB


  Geology Glossary for Students

1 MB


  Elements of Petroleum Geology

32 MB


  Dictionary of Geology & Mineralogy 

3.9 MB

Petrophysics Books
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  Compaction and Fluid Migration Practical Petroleum Geology

7 MB


  Egyptian tantalum niobium and tin deposits

7.8 MB


  The Wellsite Geologist Guide

1.2 MB


  Petroleum and Natural Gas Geology

1.6 MB


  Elements of Petroleum Geology

93 MB


  Introduction to Petroleum Development Geology

26 MB


Petroleum Reservoirs Books
Page 1 click here
Page 2 click here

  Geological Procedures Workbook from Baker Hughes

3 MB


  Unconventional Petroleum Geology

36 MB


  Geophysical Methods in Geology

11 MB


  Field Methods for Petroleum Geologists

19.7 MB


  Glossary of Structural Geology and Tectonics

5.7 MB


  Wellsite Geology Reference Guide

3.7 MB


Oil Well Logging
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  Geology in Petroleum Production 

3.4 MB


  Introduction to Petroleum Development Geology

26.4 MB


  Wellsite Geology Course

12.4 MB


  Geology and Geochemistry of Oil and Gas

11.4 MB


  Geology of Carbonate Reservoirs

4.8 MB


  Petroleum Geology from Baker Hughes

3 MB


  Petroleum Geology from Halliburton

3 MB

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