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Enhanced Oil Recovery EOR Books

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  Enhanced Oil Recovery "EOR" I - Fundamentals & Analysis


44.1 MB

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EOR movies section

  Enhanced Oil Recovery "EOR" II - Processes & Operations


49.2 MB

  EOR Scoping Study


2.1 MB



  Comparison of Different EOR techniques for better production

  517 KB  

 Enhanced Oil Recovery for Heavy Oil and Tar Sands

  8.7 MB

 Improved Oil Recovery

  203 KB

  Improved Oil Recovery

  7.2 MB

  Enhanced Oil Recovery by CO2 Injection


2.8 MB

  Comparative Study of Different EOR Methods


2.7 MB


  Enhanced Oil Recovery - Latil


76.1 MB


  Enhanced Oil Recovery - Willhite


175.4 MB


  Enhanced Oil Recovery

28 MB


  EOR SPE Textbook Series

59 MB


  Introduction to EOR RAR


11.7 MB


 Old Oilfield Waterflood Operations and Enhanced Oil Recovery


1 MB


 Petroleum Recovery, Heinemann


1.2 MB


  EOR Course - Part.1 - Introduction


315 KB


  EOR Course - Part.2 - EOR Methods


11.1 MB


  EOR Course - Part.3 - EOR Methods


1.2 MB


  EOR - PowerPoint


15.9 MB


  Thermal EOR


5.9 MB


  Introduction to Enhanced Oil Recovery

13.3 MB

  Mathematical Theory of Oil and Gas Recovery

30 MB

  EOR with CO2


2 MB


  CO2 EOR and Storage in Oil Reservoirs


244 KB


   EOR Challenges and Opportunities


859 KB


  Gas Injection for Disposal and Enhanced Recovery


6.6 MB


  Enhanced Recovery and Production Stimulation


12.8 MB


  Surface Phenomena in Enhanced Oil Recovery

18.3 MB


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