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Drilling Muds Books


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  Drilling Mud Training  Power Point


3.2 MB


  Mud Engineering

2.8 MB


  Mud Types, Mud Data & Hydraulics     Power Point


1.3 MB


  Mud Engineering Handbook


2.4 MB


  Advanced Mud Logger Manual


4.2 MB


  Basic Mud Logging


14.5 MB


  Basic Mud Logging Sensors


5.4 MB


  Surface Logging Systems


3.4 MB


  Mud Logging Pre-Training Guide


65.7 MB


   Mud Engineering 


181 KB


  Effects of Water-based Drilling Muds & Cuttings

3 MB


  Oil-Based Drilling Mud

5 MB


   Effect of Variable Rheological Properties of Drilling Muds and Cements on the Temperature


321 KB


  Rheology of Drilling Mud


743 KB


    Rheology of Drilling Mud


2 MB


    Mud Check Training School


19.1 MB



  Mud Removal from Schlumburger


2.1 MB


  Mud Logging


3.7 MB


   Drilling Mud Tools


5 MB

  Drilling Mud, Monitoring and Managing


9 MB

  Use of drilling muds (shale shaker and mud pit areas)


230 KB


  Drilling Mud and Cement Slurry

10.8 MB

  Mud Logging Basics

57.6 MB


   Basic Mud Logging

2.1 MB


   Mud Logging Course

8.4 MB


   Mud Logging Introduction

3.7 MB


   Mud Logging

4 MB


  Mud Facts and Tests

389 KB

  Basic Mud Logging Guide

40 MB

   Basic Mud Logging Manual

7 MB

  Basic Mud Logging

2.9 MB

    Mud Logging Definitions


2.1 MB


    Mud Logging, Pre-Training Guide

66 MB


  Geological and Mud Logging in Drilling Control

6.6 MB


  The Expanding Role of Mud Logging by Schlumberger

1.3 MB


 Operational Manual for Mud Logging Engineers 

276 KB


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