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the biggest collection of oil well drilling books such as Drilling bits, Managed Pressure drilling known as MDP, wireline, casing and well testing


  a Guide to Drilling Basics


693 KB

the biggest collection of
Oil-Well Drilling Movies

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  Drilling and Completion 


 8 MB

  Inflow Performance Relationship


412 KB

  the Influence of Xcpolymer on Drilling Fluid Filter Cake Properties and Formation Damage

4 MB

  Drilling Tools Quick Reference  

1.2 MB

  Choke Performance    

1 MB


  WireLine Operations    

1 MB

  Downhole Testing Services from Schlumburger 

3.9 MB

  Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing 

15.5 MB

 Casing and Liners for Drilling and Completion


3.5 MB

Schlumberger Drilling
Training Course
10 CDs

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  Slickline presentation  

9 MB

 Drilling Equipment  

10.5 MB

 How the well is Drilled on Land?  PowerPoint

2.3 MB

  Advanced Drilling System   

1.1 MB

  Drilling Process   

5.3 MB

  Well Intervention Pressure Control IWCF  

74.8 MB

  Casing Design & Hand Calculation Example


305 KB

  Drilling Bit    

230 KB

Drilling Bit Books


44.7 MB

   Drilling Bits   

5.3 MB

   Drilling Bits   

7.6 MB

  Drill Bits for Horizontal Wells    

1 MB

   Casing Drilling


17.5 MB


  Casing Drilling Technology

2 MB


  Managed Pressure Drilling from SPE 


3.8 MB

Books about MPD
anaged Pressure Drilling

  Managed Pressure Drilling Drill the Un-Drillable from SPE


2.7 MB

  Managed Pressure Drilling


65.3 MB

  Managed Pressure Drilling The Solaris Prospect - HPHT Exploration well 


38.5 MB

  Managed Pressure Drilling Moving Beyond


162 KB

  Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Systems & Applications


1.5 MB

  Managed Pressure Drilling from Weatherford


3.3 MB

  Managed Pressure Drilling MDP


1.2 MB

  Managed Pressure Drilling Technology


433 KB

  Managed Pressure Drilling Techniques and Options

944 KB

  Casing Design Manual


1.2 MB


  Introduction to Well Testing from Schlumburger 

4.2 MB

  Formulas and Calculations for Drilling Production and Workover

15 MB

  Hydraulics Calculations Handbook from Schlumburger


7.1 MB

  What is Drilling?


2.2 MB

  Beam Pumping System 


768 KB

  Under balance Drilling PowerPoint


2 MB

  the Petroleum System from Source to Trap


21 MB

  Identification Of Minimum Perforation Percentages analysis


5.1 MB


  Drilling Source Book


49 MB


  Managing Drilling Operations


41.4 MB


  Rotary Drilling Series


206 MB


  Horizontal Wells


20 MB


  Driller Stuck Pipe Handbook


1.5 MB


  Well Intervention and Workover


1.1 MB


  Drilling Procedure Manual


3.3 MB


  Oil & Gas Well Drilling Illustrated Glossary

15.8 MB


  Well Site Procedures and Operations

6 MB


  Advanced Oil Well Drilling Engineering

18 MB


  Pressure Control During Oil Well Drilling

10.8 MB


  Drilling Engineering Workbook

6 MB


  Introductory Well Testing

4 MB


  Well Control Datalog

442 KB


  Well Testing from SPE

13 MB

Drilling, A source book on oil and gas well drilling from exploration to completion

48 MB


  Managing Drilling Operations

40 MB


  the Drilling Manual

101 MB


  Borehole Imaging , Applications and Case Histories

33 MB


   Pressure Control during Oil Well Drilling

11 MB


  Rig Personnel

172 KB


  Permanent Well Abandonment


447 KB


  Well Test Analysis - the Use of Advanced Interpretation Models


17 MB


   Introduction to Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Operations


1.8 MB


   Abbreviations in Drilling Site

147 KB


   Drilling Preliminaries

3 MB


  Hydrofracking- What Everyone Needs to know

2 MB

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