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Oil well Drilling

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 Pipeline Design for Installation by Horizontal Directional Drilling

489 KB


  Sand Control in Well Construction and Operation

4 MB

  Horizontal Well Technology

15.5 MB

 Perforating Solutions from Halliburton

18.4 MB

 Drilling Technology

23.3 MB

Well Control Books

  Well Control B1

148 MB

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Oil-Well Drilling Movies

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  Advanced Blowout & Well Control


15.3 MB

  Well Control & IWCF  RAR

16.7 MB

  Drilling Practices Manual - Moore

25.9 MB

 Drilling Assembly Handbook

3.5 MB

 Trouble - Free Drilling

57 MB

 Drilling in Extreme Environments


8.2 MB

 Well Control Manual part.1 from Well Control School

78 MB

 Well Control Manual part.2 from Well Control School

66.6 MB

  Well Control Equipment  ZIP

21 MB

Schlumberger Drilling
Training Course
10 CDs

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 Kicks & Well Control

4.4 MB

 Wild Well Control

1 MB

 Well Control - ABERDEEN Drilling School

7.6 MB

 Well Control Manual

12.8 MB

 Blowout & Well Control Handbook

49.5 MB

  Well Control from Sonatrach


2.1 MB

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Drilling Video Course

  Controlled Directional Drilling 13 MB

Directional Drilling Books

  Directional Drilling Technology  PowerPoint   27 MB
  Directional Drilling from Schlumberger  66 MB

  Evaluation of Horizontal Directional Drilling 


4 MB

  Directional Drilling


302 KB

  Directional Drilling


42 MB

  Horizontal Directional Drilling 


5 MB

 Advanced Directional Drilling


19.6 MB

 Introduction to Directional Drilling


2.9 MB

 Directional Drilling


1 MB

 Directional Drilling


2.6 MB

  Horizontal Drilling 

9 MB

  a Review of Horizontal Well Drilling  


172 KB

  Drilling Rig

17 MB Drilling Rig Books
  Drilling Rig Components 1 MB
  Drilling Rig and Technologies    5 MB
  Types of Drilling Rigs     34 MB
  Drilling Methods and Type of Rigs     2 MB
  Drilling Rig Inspection Checklist 

1.1 MB

  Rig Components & Personnel


2.1 MB

  Drilling Rig Components    3.8 MB

  Drilling Rig Operations A to Z


16 MB
  Drilling Rig Illustrated Glossary 6 MB
  Drilling Rig Components 6 MB
  Types of Oil Well Drilling Rig 217 KB
  drilling Rigs and Practices from ENI 32 MB


    Drilling Engineering  15 MB Drilling Engineering Books
  Drilling Engineering    14 MB
    Drilling Engineering, Dipl & Prassl   14.3 MB
    Applied Drilling Engineering , Smith Part.1   52.87 MB
    Applied Drilling Engineering , Smith Part.2   43.46 MB
   Applied Drilling Engineering Bourgoyne   36 MB

  Drilling Data Handbook

  28 MB
    Drilling Engineering    4 MB

  Quality in Drilling & Completion

  2 MB

  Applied Drilling Engineering

  60.1 MB
    Basic Drilling Engineering  PowerPoint   1 MB
    Drilling Engineering    86 MB

  Drilling Engineering Workbook Neal Adams 

   5 MB
    Drilling Engineering    2.5 MB

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