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Natural Gas - Shale Gas Books

Advanced Equations in Natural Gas

1.3 MB  

Gas Reservoirs Engineering

9 MB  
James E - Natural Gas Measurement Handbook   18.7 MB  

Natural Gas Production Lectures Part.1

681 KB  

Natural Gas Production Lectures Part.2

671 KB  

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Natural Gas Production Lectures Part.3

1 MB  

Natural Gas Production Lectures Part.4

13.4 MB  

Natural Gas Production Lectures Part.5

1 MB  
Natural Gas Measurement Handbook 13 MB  

Natural Gas Aspects 2012

3 MB  

  the World of Natural Gas - Part.1 Natural Gas as a Transition Fuel By GasTerra

3 MB  

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  the World of Natural Gas - Part.2 Heat & Power  By GasTerra

10 MB  

  the World of Natural Gas - Part.4 Gas Heat Pumps  By GasTerra

15 MB  
Natural Gas Regulations

1 MB  

Natural Gas Development & Hydraulic Fracturing

543 KB  

Natural Gas Investment Opportunities in China

939 KB  
Natural Gas Regulations 1 MB  

 Acid Gas Removal Plants

631 KB  

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 Unconventional Gas Case Study

2 MB  

 Removal & Disposal of BTEX Components from Amine Plant Acid Gas

43 KB

BTEX Emissions & Removal

Recent GPA Data Improves BTEX Predictions for Amine Sweetening Facilities 172 KB

 Hydrocarbons & BTEX Pickup & Control from Amine Systems

222 KB

an Analysis of BTEX Emissions from Amine Sweetening & Glycol Dehydration Facilities

96 KB
Gas Treating- Absorption Theory and Practice

11 MB

Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger

437 KB

Handbook of Natural Gas Engineering 67 MB  
Natural Gas Pipeline Network 19 MB
Natural Gas Physical Properties


868 KB
the Price of Natural Gas 289 KB

Amine gas Treating Unit - Best Practices & Troubleshooting Guide

27 MB
Natural Gas Monetization Cyprus Natural Gas Report 6 MB
Crude Oil and Natural Gas Resources and Supply 7 MB
Gas Well Deliquification Using Foamers 2 MB
Optimization of Natural Gas Processing Plants Including Business Aspects  

91 KB

Natural Gas Engineering and Safety Challenges


21 MB

Gas Sweetening Engineering Design Guidelines


208 KB

Natural Gas Engineering, Production and Storage


69 MB

Economics of Unconventional Shale Gas Development - Case Studies and Impacts

4 MB

The Economics of Natural Gas Storage, An European Perspective

2 MB

Natural Gas, a Basic Handbook

13 MB

Fundamentals of Gas Shale Reservoirs

52 MB

Survey of Energy, Focus on Shale Gas

1 MB


Shale Gas and Fracking

27 MB


Compressor Stations


2 MB


Modern shale gas development in the United States, a primer

5 MB

World Shale Gas Resources, An Initial Assessment of 14 Regions Outside the United States

18 MB

Unconventional Oil and Shale Gas - Growth, Extraction, and Water Management Issues

2 MB

Health Impact Assessment of Shale Gas Extraction

7 MB

Advances in Natural Gas Technology

33.3 MB

Shale Gas Production processes

2 MB

Basics of Gas Flaring


628 KB

the Shale Gas Shock

1.6 MB


Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline Efficiency


1.4 MB


Understanding the Basics of Gas Flaring


628 KB


Reducing Onshore Natural Gas and Oil Exploration and Production Impact

4 MB

Methane Emissions from Natural Gas Compressor


551 KB

Glossary of Natural Gas Reserves

3 MB

Understanding Natural Gas Markets


15.4 MB

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