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Natural Gas - Shale Gas Books

Gas Plant - Part.1

  2.5 MB  

Gas Plant - Part.2

  4.3 MB  

Gas Plant - Part.3

  3.9 MB  

Petroleum and Natural Gas Handbook Vol.1

  11 MB  

Petroleum and Natural Gas Handbook Vol.2

13 MB  
Gas Purification 40 MB  
Natural Gas Extraction Issues & Policy Options

783 KB  
Natural Gas Regulations   1.1 MB  
the Price of Natural Gas 289 KB  
Natural Gas Physical Properties   1 MB  

Advanced Natural Gas Engineering

6.9 MB  

Production & Treatment of Natural Gas - Mohammed Adham El-Afandi

64.4 MB

English + Arabic

Modern Fracturing Enhancing Natural Gas Production

100 MB  

Gas Reservoir Engineering RAR

9.6 MB  

Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission & Processing

13.9 MB  

Natural Gas Production Engineering

22 MB  
Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing 21.2 MB  

  Gas Conditioning & Processing Vol.1 , the Basic Principles  

16.7 MB

 one of the most important references about natural gas processing

  Gas Conditioning & Processing Vol. 2 , the equipment modules  

18.8 MB

  Gas Conditioning & Processing Vol.3, Advanced Techniques And Applications

14.5 MB

  Gas Conditioning & Processing Vol.4, Gas & Liquid Sweetening

12 MB
Natural Gas Production Engineering RAR   17.8 MB  

Natural Gas Processing Principles & Technology Part.1  

23.6 MB

Natural Gas Processing Principles & Technology Part.2

23.6 MB
Practical Natural Gas Engineering   10 MB  

 Natural Gas "Presentation"

1.9 MB  
Natural Gas Technology     1.8 MB  
Troubleshooting Natural Gas Processing 6.6 MB  
The World Market for Natural Gas 2.3 MB  
Troubleshooting Natural Gas Processing 6.6 MB  
Natural Gas Installation Standards Handbook 1.3 MB  
API Standards for the Oil & Natural Gas Industry 151 KB  
Gas Well Testing Power Point 

323 KB

New Concepts in Underground Storage of Natural Gas

6.2 MB

Movement of Underground Water in Contact with Natural Gas

7.9 MB

Modern Fracturing Enhancing Natural Gas Production

100 MB


The Selection and Use of Flammable Gas Detector 

130 KB

Natural Gas Sweetening

526 KB

Propane Refrigeration Unit

204 KB

Gas Distribution System

743 KB


Wide Range Equation of State for Natural Gas & Other Mixtures

8 MB


Natural Gas, LPG and LNG Movies 

Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines  

761 KB

Natural Gas Pipelines

2 MB

Natural Gas Compressibility

259 KB

Natural Gas Production from Methane Hydrate Deposits

1 MB

 Enhanced Gas Recovery Using Pressure & Displacement Management

441 KB

Carbon Sequestration with Enhanced Gas Recovery

360 KB

Facts About Propane

174 KB

Books About Propane
Propane Market Study

537 KB

Dispensing Propane Safely

1 MB

Natural Gas Transmission

1.8 MB


Flare Gas Recovery System

3 MB

Shale Gas of China

3.4 MB

Books about Shale Gas
US Shale Gas

an Overview of Modern Shale Gas Development in the United States

1.4 MB

EIA World Shale Gas & Shale Oil Resource Assessment

4.2 MB

see also

Natural Gas Dehydration Units


Shale Gas Greening

1.2 MB

US Shale Gas from Halliburton

1.7 MB

US Shale Gas from Resources to Carbon Isotope Anomalies

5.6 MB

Water & Shale Gas Development

2.7 MB

DOE Shale Gas Primer 2009 

8 MB

a Guide to Shale Gas

1 MB

Assessment of US Natural Gas Markets 


5 MB

Compressibility of Natural Gas

259 KB


 Optimal Development of a Natural Gas Transmission

694 KB


Troubleshooting of Natural Gas Processing

7 MB

An Analysis And Prediction Of Hydrocarbon Dew Points And Liquids In Gas Transmission Lines

255 KB


Sulfur Recovery from Natural Gas

8.1 MB

Sulfur Recovery Books

Claus Sulfur Recovery Options

60 KB

Design and Optimization of Integrated Amine Sweetening

120 KB

Amine Gas Treating Troubleshoot and Guide

27 MB

Sulfur Recovery Unit SRU

5.5 MB

Sulfur Recovery

8 MB

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