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 Piping and Vessels Flushing and Cleaning Procedures

991 KB



  Pipeline External Corrosion Direct Assessment Methodology

4 MB


  Piping System Fluid Flow

24 MB


  Chemically Assisted Pipeline Cleaning for Pigging Operations

387 KB


  Trenchless Technology Piping Installation and Inspection

7 MB


  Modeling of Oil Product and Gas Pipeline Transportation

2 MB


  Oil & Gas Pipeline Yesterday and Today

930 KB


  Maximum Piping Operating Pressure

741 KB


  Pipe Fittings PowerPoint

4 MB


  Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual - Construction, Design Fabrication and Examination

9 MB



  Pipeline Present

4 MB


  Pipelines  PowerPoint

6 MB


  Liquid Pipeline Hydraulics  RAR

2.5 MB


  Design & Construction of Piping Systems

6 MB


  Piping Handbook 

21 MB


  Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook

14.7 MB


  Modeling of Oil Product and Gas Pipeline Transportation 

2 MB           

  Oil & Gas Pipelines 

1 MB


  Oil & Gas Pipelines in Non-Technical Language

160 MB        


3 MB


  Piping & Pipe Support Systems, Design & Engineering

40.5 MB


  the Fundamentals of Piping Design 

11.3 MB


  the Piping Guide

41.6 MB


   Basic Piping Design

11.4 MB


  Facility Piping Systems Handbook

11 MB


  Pipeline Basics

1 MB


  Practical Piping Course

4.2 MB


  Piping Handbook

21.7 MB


  Piping Training Course PowerPoint

20.9 MB


  Mechanical Piping , Pipe Drafting Design

48 MB


  Piping Guide and Valves RAR

40 MB


  Process Piping Welding

6.9 MB


  Piping Material Specification

1 MB


  Piping & Pipeline Engineering

22 MB


  Prediction of Standard Pipeline Pressure

172 KB


Maximum Piping Operating Pressure    741 KB


  Stainless Steel Pipe Flanges 

201 KB


  Flange Types 

74 KB


  Flanges Catalogue 

550 KB


  Piping & Joints Handbook

750 KB


   Piping Joint Handbook (Flanges, Gaskets, Bolts)  

1,100 KB


    Specification for Pipelines Valves (Gate, Ball and Check Valves)

2,221 KB


    Piping Materials

5,505 KB


  Bolts & Stud Dimensions

127 KB


Oil & Gas Pipeline Design
Maintenance & Repair
للدكتور عبدالعليم هاشم السيد
كلية الهندسة - جامعة القاهرة

 Part.1 - Piping Systems

2,324 KB


 Part.2 - Steady - State Flow of Gas Through Pipes

821 KB

 Part.3 - Single Phase Incompressible Flow

2,294 KB

 Part.4 - Pipeline Components

403 KB

 Part.5 - Structural Design of Pipeline

536 KB

 Part.6 - Planning & Construction of Pipeline

3,159 KB

 Part.7 - Instrumentation & Pigging

1,193 KB

 Part.8 - Maintenance, Reliability and Failure Analysis

487 KB

 Part.10 - Corrosion in Pipeline

4,566 KB

 Part.11 - Pipeline Rehabilitation & Repair Techniques

897 KB

 Part.12 - Leak Detection & SCADA System

6,414 KB

 Part.13 - Pipeline Risk Assessment

492 KB

  Piping Training Course Part.1

Piping Training Course

95.8 MB


  Piping Training Course Part.2

95.8 MB


  Piping Training Course Part.3

95.8 MB


   Piping Training Course Part.4

6 MB

  Piping Inspection 2 MB Books about
Pipe Inspection
  Piping Work Inspection 158 KB
  Pipe Leak Detection 1.5 MB


Oil and Gas Pipelines in non-technical language

29 MB


  Pipeline System Automation and Control

17 MB



Flange Classes and Bolt Sizes

1.3 MB


  Design and Construction of Petroleum Pipelines 2.3 MB


  Oil Pipeline Testing Methods 363 KB


  Oil Pipeline Logistics

1.6 MB


  Pipeline Engineering 2 MB


  Inspection And Testing Of Piping Systems 372 KB



Petroleum Storage and Transport Pipelines

11 MB


  Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas and Crude Oil 762 KB


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