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Heat Exchanger Books

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   this section is for heat transfer equipment books, such as heat exchanger books in their multiple types: shell and tube heat exchangers , plate and frame, furnace, condensers, reboiles and many others.


 What are Heat Exchangers?

872 KB


  Heat Exchangers Part.1

1.7 MB


  Heat Exchangers Part.2

2.3 MB


  HVAC Engineer's handbook

2 MB


  Heat Exchanger Mechanical Design Handbook

7.1 MB


 Heat Exchanger Design Handbook

87.8 MB


  Fundamentals of Heat Exchangers

8.4 MB


  Types of Heat Exchangers

7.3 MB


  Heat Exchangers

5 MB


 Heat Exchangers presentation

13.1 MB


   Heat Exchangers

4 MB


 Heat Exchangers Notes

5.2 MB


  Mesh & Micro Heat Exchangers , Nikopoulos

1.4 MB


  Basic Equations for Heat Exchanger Design

1.3 MB



  Controlling Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

240 KB


 Heat Exchanger Design

41 KB


 Plate Heat Exchanger Chemical Cleaning

2 MB


 Introduction to Heat Exchangers (PowerPoint)

1.4 MB


 Investigation & Repair of Heat Exchanger Flange Leak

312 KB


  Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

102 KB


  Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers (Power Point)

702 KB


   Furnace Power Point

8.7 MB


  Heat Exchangers

1 MB


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Heat Exchangers and Boilers movies

  Article Quiz for Heat Exchanger Selection & Design

5 MB


 Heat Exchangers Power Point

13 MB


 Mechanical Design of Heat Exchangers

26.8 MB


 Furnaces and Refractories

1 MB


  Shell and Tube Processing Calculations

363 KB


 Waste Heat Recovery Power Point

1.6 MB


 Heat Exchangers

7 MB


 Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Design

2 MB


 Heat Exchanger Design Power Point

2 MB


 Classification of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

2 MB


Heat Exchanger

  Part.1 Single Phase Heat Exchangers

6 MB


  Part.2 Mean Temperature Difference

1 MB


  Part.3 Condensers

647 KB


  Part.4 Reboilers

421 KB


  Part.5 Fouling

1 MB


  Some Types of Heat Exchangers

3.2 MB


  Process Design of Heat Exchangers

997 KB


  Heat Exchanger Design Handbook

52.2 MB


  Heat Exchanger Training Course

2.8 MB


  Crude Unit Heat Exchanger

653 KB


  Plate Heat Exchanger

91 KB


  New counter flow heat exchanger designed for ventilation systems in cold climates

1.5 MB


  Classification of Heat Exchangers

7 MB


  Furnace - Engineering Design Guidelines

521 KB


  Fin Fan Air Cooler - Engineering Design Guidelines

284 KB


  Reboiler - Engineering Design Guidelines

119 KB


  Analysis of Heat Exchanger Fouling

2 MB


  Fundamentals of Heat Exchanger Design

7.8 MB


  Heat Exchangers Cleaning

333 KB


  Heat Exchanger Specifying and Selecting

1.3 MB


  Designing Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

110 KB


    Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design

538 KB


    Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

78 KB


    Plate Heat Exchanger

3.5 MB


  Industrial Boilers for Beginners

522 KB



272 KB


  Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

78 KB


  Furnace and Boiler Design and Operating Parameters

835 KB



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