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Fluid Flow Books

Outflow How do we get hydrocarbons to surface? 1.3 MB




Darcy Law 2 MB
Multiphase Flow 3 MB

Basics of Hydraulics 9 MB
Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow 19 MB
Instrumentation Fluid Flow measurement 14 MB
Fluid Flow Solved Problems 4 MB
 Viscous Fluid Flow 36 MB
Compressible Fluid Flow 19 MB
Fluid Flow Manual 11.3 MB
Fluid Flow Measurement
a practical Guide to accurate flow measurement
14.1 MB

  كتاب عربي عن جريان الموائع Fluid Flow Arabic

1.2 MB
Fluid Properties 18.9 MB
Basics of Fluid Flow 84 KB  
Drag 187 KB  
Introduction to Fluid Mechanics 38 MB  

first Course in Fluid Mechanics for engineers

8 MB


Flow through Passages

138 KB


Flow Through Pipes

254 KB


Fluid Flow Theory

344 KB


Fluid Forces

159 KB



175 KB


Potential Flow

127 KB  

Pumped Systems

192 KB


Viscous Fluids

87 KB  


Thermodynamics Books

a Practical Guide to Thermodynamics

7 MB

Thermodynamic Property Chart

2 MB

Complete Course of Thermodynamics

9 MB

Engineering Thermodynamics

3.2 MB

Introduction to Thermodynamics

194 KB

Thermodynamics  Part.1

363 KB

a very interesting book about ThermoDynamics of 5 parts

Thermodynamics Part.2

264 KB

Thermodynamics Part.3

174 KB

Thermodynamics Part.4

501 KB

Thermodynamics Part.5

593 KB



Heat and Mass Transfer Books

Heat Transfer

1.5 MB


principles of Mass Transfer and Separation Processes

27.6 MB


Process Heat Transfer, Kern

19.1 MB

Heat Effects in gas Systems

351 KB

Heat Transfer Design Methods

51 MB

Heat Transfer Engineering Application

25 MB

Application of Mass Transfer

58 KB

Basic Heat Transfer

316 KB

Heat & Mass Transfer

6.1 MB

Heat Transfer J.P. Holman

23.7 MB

Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer

6.2 MB


   Turbulent Heat Transfer

472 KB

Basics of Heat Transfer

473 KB

Heat Transfer Exercise book

3.8 MB

Introduction to Heat Transfer

39 MB

Heat Transfer, Yunus & Cengel

12 MB

Heat Transfer Fundamentals

417 KB


Mathmatics Books

Higher Engineering Mathematics

16 MB

Advanced Modern Engineering Mathematics

12 MB

Handbook of Mathematics

22.6 MB

كتاب الوافي للرياضيات

4 MB

 كتاب عربي في الرياضيات للأستاذ أحمد حماد شعبان سعد

Algebra 5 Parts

All less
than 1 MB








All less t
han 1 MB




All less
than 1 MB




Maximum & Minimum

167 KB


Advanced Mathematics for Engineers

 6 MB

الرياضيات التخصصية

1 MB


Miscellaneous Books

Saturation Steam Table

530 KB


Conversion Factors

536 KB


Oil & its Influence on Politics

4 MB


Basics of Process Engineers

576 KB


Contracting & Regulatory

483 KB


Periodic table

3 MB


Graphic Symbols of Piping System in Plant

221 KB


Determination of Product Shelf Life & Expiry Dates

2 MB


Guide to Oils & Greases

3 MB


Functional Specification Protective Coating & Hot Dip Galvanizing

252 KB


Engineering Calculations 

861 KB

 كتاب رائع جدا يتضمن العديد من الحسابات الهندسية التي يحتاجها كل مهندس يعمل في صناعة النفط والغاز الطبيعي

 Hydrostatic Pressure Test

629 KB


  Radiography Test

6 MB


أسس الكيمياء العضوية Organic Chemistry 

3 MB


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