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 Corrosion - Cathodic Protection Books



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Cathodic Protection 375 KB


 Cathodic Protection

8 MB

  Cathodic Protection Electric DesignDesignDesign

601 KB

Cathodic Protection Design  3 MB

Cathodic Protection Civil 2 MB

Cathodic Protection Design

3 MB

Pipeline corrosion & Cathodic Protection

7.2 MB

Cathodic Protection Course

262 MB

  Cathodic Protection for Offshore Structure

438 KB

 Characteristic Corrosion Phenomena 5 MB

  Corrosion Control

503 KB

Cathodic Protection Arabic

7 MB

Cathodic Protection Final

16 MB

the Effects and Economic Impacts of Corrosion

716 KB


Corrosion in Oil Industry 2 MB



 Principle and Prevention of Corrosion

150 MB

Corrosion Monitoring in Oil and Gas Industry  2 MB


Basics of Corrosion Control 128 KB


Beginners Guide to Corrosion  26 KB




Fundamentals of Corrosion and Scaling 8.5 MB

Design Data for Cathodic Protection Systems 744 KB


NACE Cathodic Protection Courses

14 MB

Corrosion in Petroleum & Petrochemical Industry 59 MB

a Guide to Corrosion 442 KB


Effects and Impact of Corrosion

716 KB


Cathodic Protection of Onshore Well Casings

270 KB


Handling Corrosive or Abrasive Liquids

479 KB


Cathodic Protection Measurements & Testing

895 KB

Corrosion Control Practices 211 KB


   Designing of Corrosion Control

113 KB

Cathodic Protection for Pipelines 1 MB

Corrosion Handbook 9.1 MB


Basics of Corrosion Control

108 KB


  Types of Corrosion pdf

2 MB


  Types of Corrosion PowerPoint

3 MB


Corrosion Principles

318 KB


 Pitting Corrosion   

255 MB


Corrosion Problems during Oil and Gas Production

3 MB


Corrosion Fundamentals Testing and Protection

77 MB


Study of Welding and Cathodic Protection of Gas Pipeline

6 MB



58 KB

Chemical Control of Corrosion 557 KB  

Corrosion Basics

167 KB  
Corrosion Coupons 287 KB  
Corrosion Monitoring 413 KB  

Basics of Corrosion Control

108 KB  

Internal Corrosion Monitoring Systems in Oil & Gas Industry

913 KB


   Internal Corrosion Oil & Gas Industry Part.1 - Introduction to Corrosion

2.4 MB

Corrosion in Oil and Natural Gas Industry

   Internal Corrosion Oil & Gas Industry Part.2 - Electrochemical Mechanism

4 MB

   Internal Corrosion Oil & Gas Industry Part.3 - Corrosion Forms

3.9 MB

   Internal Corrosion Oil & Gas Industry Part.4 - Corrosion Caused by CO2 & H2S

2.2 MB

Corrosion Considerations in Upstream Operations

212 KB

Corrosion Monitoring Methods

2 MB


Corrosive Environment

1 MB


Corrosion of Specific Equipment

1 MB



4 MB


Corrosion Science & Technology

4 MB



556 KB


Electrochemical Polarization

100 KB

Electrochemical Corrosion Books


 Electrochemistry and Corrosion Science

23 MB

Chemistry & Electrochemistry of Corrosion

23 MB

   Electrochemical Corrosion

425 KB

Getting Started with Electrochemical Corrosion 

1.7 MB

Localized Electrochemical Corrosion Measurement

3 MB

Introduction & Overview of Electrochemical Corrosion

447 KB

the Electrochemistry of Corrosion

131 KB


Underground Pipeline Corrosion

11 MB


 Fundamentals of Corrosion Mechanisms

297 KB


Forms of Corrosion

491 KB


Control of Pipeline Corrosion

9 MB


 High Temperature Corrosion Guide

2.4 MB


Corrosion Tests

22.9 MB


Fundamentals of Cathodic Protection

250 KB

 Corrosion Inhibitors

637 KB

Books about Corrosion Inhibitor

 Corrosion Inhibitors

54 KB

Corrosion Inhibitor

177 KB

Evaluation of corrosion inhibitors effectiveness in oilfield production operations

231 KB

Selecting Corrosion Inhibitor

528 KB

 Corrosion Inhibitor

800 KB

 an Improved Method for Determination of Corrosion Inhibitors

630 KB

Characterization of Inhibitor & Corrosion Product Film

1 MB

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