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 Valves and Control Valves Movies

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Types of Valves Produced by our website team    


How Control Valve Works? Produced by our website team  
Basic Types and Operations of Valves
Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter
Bi Direction Seal Triple Offset Butterfly Valve
PLC - Getting Started

what is PLC ?

 PLC Training - Introduction to PLC Ladder Logic

  How Pressure Gauge Made?

the Thermal Flow Measuring Principle 

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Vortex Flow Measuring Principles
the Differential Pressure Flow Measuring Principles Part.1    
the Differential Pressure Flow Measuring Principles Part.2    
the  Electromagnetic Flow Measuring Principle    
Ultrasonic Flow Measuring Principles    

Valve Types & Operation

Valve Maintenance    


Vertical Float Type Level Meter      
Ultrasonic Level Sensors, Range, Tank Height, Fill Height & Dead Band    
Pressure Safety Valves       
Pressure Relief Valve        
Level Instruments    
Check Valves    
Globe Valve    
Plug Valve    
Gate Valve    
‪Cryogenic Valve‬‏    
Ball Valve    
Check Valve    
Swing Check valve    
Butterfly Valve    
Pressure Regulating Valve    
Safety Relief Valves



Control Valve, Sizing, Selection & Maintenance


 Control Valves and Actuators

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What are Control Valves?

Pressure Vacuum & Relief Valve (Used in Tanks)


Control Valves 2-way and 3-way


Pressure Relief Valve



 Cavitation Demo

Basics of BFDs, PFDs and PIDs

Simple Control Loops Part.1

Simple Control Loops Part.2

Simple Control Loops Part.3


Simple Control Loops Part.4


Cascade Control 


Importance of PFDs


Ball valves Vs. Gate and Globe Valves



How to choose the right gate valve



Introduction to Valves and Actuators


How Pneumatic Control Valve Works?        
Solenoid Valve Basics        
Directional Control Valve        
Air Operated Valve Overview        
How Flow Control Valve Works?      

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