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  الكورس التدريبي الخاص بشركة شلومبرجر
Schlumberger Drilling Training Course

this course consists of 10 CDs, supports 6 languages "English - French - Spanish - Portuguese - Indonesian & Arabic" , it contains all what you need in petroleum well drilling such as:
Drilling Rig - Drilling machines - Drilling Mud - Drilling Fluids - Drilling Mud treatment - Pipe Handling - Rotary Equipment - Casing & Cementing - Well Logging - Mud Logging - BOPs ..etc


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183,659 KB     CD-01 An Introduction to Drilling Rigs & Main Components of Drill String.
164,500 KB     CD-02 BOP Equipment
117,418 KB     CD-03 Drilling Fluids & Mud Test.
157,403 KB     CD-04 Mud Circulation & Treating Equipment 
123,069 KB     CD-05 Hoisting Equipment

127,319 KB     CD-06 Rotating Equipment & Mast Substructure. 
167,631 KB     CD-07 Pipe Handling. 
147,312 KB     CD-08 Casing & Cementing. 
164,120 KB     CD-09 Well Logging, Mud Logging and Drill Stem Test.
179,527 KB     CD-10 Power System and Instruments. 

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