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The Biggest Collection of FREE Books and Movies about Petroleum and Natural Gas 

the biggest source of information about oil and natural gas industry


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Hysys Video Learning Course

more than 30 movies about Hysys simulation software, click HERE

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 The Biggest Collection of FREE Books about Oil & Natural Gas Industry

free petroleum books

Our website AONG contains hundreds of books about petroleum and natural gas industry, they are all FREE, they are classified into different sections, see our Books Directory.
 Our website have a large space at MediaFire famous files storage site, to guarantee non-broken links, the book links are updated everyday. our website team monitors these links regularly and fix broken links. that is why our website is the biggest source of information about oil and natural gas.

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    Artificial Lift
    Offshore Platforms
    Enhanced Oil Recovery EOR
    Oil & Gas Reservoirs
    Drilling Mud
    Drilling Fluids
    Seismic, Petrophysics, Geology
    Oilfield Chemicals  
    Produced Water Treatment 
    Oil Books  1  2  3
Natural Gas 1  2
  Natural Gas Dehydration
Refineries & Refining
Equipment Books
    Storage Tanks
    Heat Exchangers
    Control Systems
    Gas Turbines
    Piping & Pipelines
    Safety Valves
    Miscellaneous Equipment
  Industrial Safety
  Miscellaneous Books
  Corrosion Books
  French Petroleum Books

  Spanish Petroleum Books

Movies Section
  Crude Oil & Refinery
  Natural Gas, LPG & LNG
  Offshore Platforms
Enhanced Oil Recovery  
  Schlumburger Drilling Course
  Drilling Video Course
  Pump Video Course
  Heat Exchangers
  Gas Turbines & Compressors
  Valves & Control Valves
  Hysys Video Course

  MATLAB movies 
Reservoir Simulation Software

  Miscellaneous Petroleum movies  

  Petroleum Software section 
  Petrel Software Books

 The Biggest Collection of FREE Movies about Oil & Natural Gas Industry

free movies about oil and natural gas

  Our website contains hundreds of FREE movies about petroleum and natural gas industry, and the equipment used in this industry such as (pumps - heat exchangers - valves - piping - control systems - gas turbines - compressors...etc).
 our website team searches always for newest movies to upload them to our server.
all these movies are hosted in MediaFire to make it easy for our users downloading these movies, to see this movies click here

Schlumberger Drilling Training Course 10 CDs

schlumberger drilling training course 

This course consists of 10 CDs, supports 6 languages "English - French - Spanish - Portuguese - Indonesian & Arabic" , it contains all what you need in petroleum well drilling such as:
Drilling Rig - Drilling machines - Drilling Mud - Drilling Fluids - Pipe Handling - Rotary Equipment - Casing & Cementing - Well Logging - Mud Logging - BOPs ..etc.
all Drilling engineers need to see this course and make use of its contents.
  see this course

Pumps Video Training Course

pump video course

the biggest collection of movies about pumps, these movies are showing everything about pumps, their internal parts, types, purposes, characteristics curves, mechanical seals in addition to many other topics related to pumps. suitable for all engineers.

see this course, by clicking HERE

Oil Well Drilling Video Course

oil well drilling video course

 More than 130 FREE movies about Oil Well Drilling, the biggest video course in the internet about Drilling, in other words; drilling A to Z it , this course contains movies about:
well casing - cementing & cement additives - Drilling mud systems & additives - Blow Out Preventers BOPs - Bits - well logging - directional drilling - drilling rig - Permeability  & Porosity.

See this Course

French & Spanish Petroleum Books


 a full section for French petroleum books, collected from all the web, contains different books about petroleum and natural gas industry, see it here .

We did the same with Spanish petroleum books, see it here .


Important Notice from our Website

       we have received many emails saying that there is a website called AONGP which offers jobs in oilfields, we would like to clarify that we have NO relation with this website, and we offer NO jobs.
       Our website which is called AONG and it is specialized in FREE information about oil and natural gas industry, which included FREE books and movies ONLY.

Legal Notice

if there is any Right-Protected book or movie, please inform us, and we will remove this material within 24 hours,
just contact the website manager:

New  MATLAB Software Books & Movies

 We have dedicated 2 new sections : one for MATLAB books contains selective books about this software explaining every single step. See this Section
 while the other is for MATLAB movies which contains 100 FREE movies that show you how to start this software and you can start from A to Z .
see this section

We are the first website to dedicate that huge amount of learning material for this important software.


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