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   the biggest source of information about oil industry and natural gas facilities

     AONG website is the biggest source of information about oil and natural gas in the web, because it contains hundreds of free petroleum books, free movies and articles and all about oil industry. in addition to crude oil price in real time.
     We have many servers that we upload our files to, in order to guarantee not seeing a broken link by our visitors and we check all the links periodically.
     We are communicating with our visitors by many means such as our emails or social media means, hear their suggestions and ideas to improve and enhance our services, and to remain the #1 website when talking about oil and natural gas industry.

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Drilling Video Course

Free books about petroleum ana natural gas industry

Oil Industry books

Drilling Video Course

 Our website AONG contains hundreds of free petroleum books, they are classified into different sections, click HERE

Our website contains hundreds of free movies about petroleum industry, and natural gas facilities divided into different sections.
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more than 140 FREE movies about Oil Well Drilling, the biggest video course in the internet about Drilling.
 See this Course

Petroleum Reservoirs Movies

Schlumberger Drilling Training Course

Pumps Video Training Course

Petroleum Reservoir Movies

Schlumberger Drilling Course

Centrifugal Pump

we have 2 sections for petroleum reservoirs movies, see these links:
 Petroleum Engineering movies
Reservoir Simulation Movies

This course consists of 10 CDs, supports 6 languages "English - French - Spanish - Portuguese - Indonesian & Arabic" , it contains all what you need in petroleum well drilling ..Click here

the biggest collection of free movies about pumps, explaining everything about pumps, their internal parts. it is simply "Pumps A to Z"
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